Invitation to test : IR hosting service

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One of the goals of the SONAR project is to set up a hosting service for institutional repositories (IRaaS - Institutional Repository as a Service). Two hosting variants are proposed: a shared portal and dedicated portals. In anticipation of its first production launch, this service is currently providing a public test instance at the address

Institutional Repository as a Service, by RERO: variants and scope

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The project SONAR has been raising a growing interest within the Swiss scientific community. Especially small and medium-sized Higher Education Institutions (HEI) showed their interest for the Institutional Repository as a Service (short IRaaS).

The first version of the service will be made available soon, RERO central and its project partners are working hard to finalise it. We took some time to define the scope of IRaaS, and its two possible variants: the shared portal and the dedicated portal. You will find all details on the IR hosting page.