Institutional Repository as a Service, by RERO: variants and scope

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The project SONAR has been raising a growing interest within the Swiss scientific community. Especially small and medium-sized Higher Education Institutions (HEI) showed their interest for the Institutional Repository as a Service (short IRaaS).

The first version of the service will be made available soon, RERO central and its project partners are working hard to finalise it. We took some time to define the scope of IRaaS, and its two possible variants: the shared portal and the dedicated portal. You will find all details on the IR hosting page.

The two forms of IRaaS in a nutshell

The dedicated portal has its own distinct identity and policies, and other extended features.

The shared portal, which is multi-institutional, has a single common search and navigation interface, as well as common deposit policies. The documents of each institution are contained in a dedicated collection, with a unique URL (permalink) and an entry in the “Institution” filter (facet). It is the evolution of the current RERO DOC and the price is lower than for the dedicated solution.

Both share common features for the management of a scientific repository: document deposits, SWITCH edu-ID and ORCID authentication, RESTful APIs, etc.

The service will be provided by RERO (which will soon become a not-for-profit foundation). We established the pricing on the basis of the costs. Prices vary according to the chosen IRaaS variant and the number of deposited documents (degressive system).

Don’t hesitate to contact us at for pricing details or other information!