The project


SONAR was originally a project supported by swissuniversities in the framework of the P-5 “Scientific Information” Program. It was submitted in February 2018 and accepted in June 2018. The first services went into production in early 2021.

An abridged version of the project application document is available here. It provides a more detailed description of the motivations, goals and original plan.

Project goals

Science showcase

  • Collect, promote and preserve scholarly publications of authors affiliated with Swiss public research institutions

Open Access growth and monitoring

  • Raise the OA coverage rate of Swiss IRs
  • Gather information about research output in Switzerland, and OA in particular

Institutional Repository as a Service (IRaaS)

  • Shared, multi-institutional repository
  • Dedicated (private) repository instances


  • Duration: Nov. 2018 – Oct. 2020 (24 months)
  • Total cost (incl. own funding): 997'800 CHF
  • Software platform: Invenio 3

Project partners 2018-2020

Service overview – components, entities and flows

Acquisition of Swiss affiliated research records

Details about the acquisition process, results and available data are provided by the Haute école de gestion de Genève (HEG Genève).