Invitation to test : IR hosting service

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One of the goals of the SONAR project is to set up a hosting service for institutional repositories (IRaaS - Institutional Repository as a Service). Two hosting variants are proposed: a shared portal and dedicated portals. In anticipation of its first production launch, this service is currently providing a public test instance at the address

In order to respond to the interest that the service is raising in our community, the SONAR team is inviting all interested institutions to test it. Just send a short message to with the name of the institution and the name and email address of the person in charge (who will be assigned the Admin role).

SONAR public test portal

The help section provides explanations about the different user roles as well as the document deposit and validation process. Some features are still under development, and will progressively become visible. The development backlog is available (live) on GitHub.

The SONAR team looks forward to receiving feedback from the community!