Acquisition of Swiss-affiliated research records: first evaluation from the field

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One of the tasks of the SONAR project is to assess the feasibility of a pipeline for automatically retrieving publications of researchers affiliated to Swiss publicly funded institutions, from third-party international databases. Almost 500,000 candidate bibliographic records were collected from CrossRef, MEDLINE, and PubMed Central, for building the first version of the SONAR dataset.

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Short insight into the content tracking results

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The work done by HEG Genève for the content tracking, one of the most exploratory tasks of SONAR project, already led to interesting data.

First tests to recover full-text files of Swiss publications


On the 3rd of April took place a common working meeting of the 4 SONAR partners (HES-SO/HEG Genève, HTW Chur, USI and RERO) in Bern.

HEG Genève is conducting a feasibility study of ways of recovering full-text files of Swiss publications, having achieved some important conclusions.